CBA16: How do we ‘track progress’ of Locally-led Adaptation in practice?

During this session, we share how we can document evidence for LLA through the Resilience Platform and celebrate evidence from Catalytic Grant winners and ISGAP grantees.

If plurality, flexibility and transformation are foundational to the principles of Locally-led Adaptation (LLA), how do we track progress and capture evidence?

We have lessons on supporting LLA to capture their knowledge and invite you to an interactive session on how we can document evidence on LLA through the Resilience Platform, an online knowledge management and curation system.

This session will celebrate evidence through stories from past winners of the Catalytic Grants and Adaptation Fund-UNDP Innovation Small Grant Aggregator Platform (ISGAP) grantees, followed by breakout rooms for a hands-on monitoring, learning and evaluation clinic to document stories on the Resilience Platform. Bring your ideas, stories and experiences to the session!

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