Facing the Climate Crisis: Making the Bold and Ambitious Choices Needed for Transformational Change

A Transformational Change Learning Partnership Webinar

Realizing the positive transformational change needed to tackle the climate crisis requires a new level of ambition, making difficult decisions involving tradeoffs and risks, trying new approaches that may not succeed, and departing from previous strategies, policies, or approaches for the right reasons. Some of the bold decisions needed require embracing a long-term commitment to as-of-yet unclear yet critical change pathways, to planning and budgeting for iterative, non-linear, and discontinuous advancements that come with few guarantees. This webinar explores the role bold choices play in transformational change, and the relationship between bold choices and more incremental forms of change. The second half of the webinar will be devoted to discussion amongst participants.


  • Susannah Fisher, PhD, Policy Fellow, School of Oriental and African Studies
  • Anna Williams, Project Director, Transformational Change Learning Partnership, Climate Investment Funds
  • Nick Brooks, Director, Garama 3C

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