DRC Global Event 2020 on Climate Change

Every year, DRC sets out to explore problems and their solutions around a pressing topic of transnational dimensions, which affects displaced populations, and which challenges the humanitarian sector. DRC strongly believes in the value of collaborative action and knowledge, DRC seeks to enable an event brimming with actors that we do not normally engage with. Actors who will make us smarter, more responsive and accountable towards displacement affected people.

The Global Event is a culmination of a journey taken up by the Danish Refugee Council that brought together practitioners and thought leaders across industry, academia, the humanitarian sector, the tech and the start-up community with leading DRC experts into a series of events and workshops exploring the intersection of climate change, environmental degradation and forced displacement. The Global Event highlights the insights gathered in the journey so far and opens up the conversation and calls to action to the humanitarian sector and others searching for ways to better respond to the climate crisis and its effects on forced displacement.

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