Housing and Climate Adaptation for the Most Vulnerable Populations

Habitat for Humanity, BRAC, Build Change, Slum Dwellers International and World Resources Institute are co-hosting a side event at COP28.

Aligning with the Sharm El Sheikh Adaptation Agenda goal that 1 billion people have better design, construction and access to finance to live in decent, safe homes with provision of basic infrastructure and services, this event will explore policy, practice and finance solutions from the perspectives of diverse stakeholders, including governments, local communities, multilaterals, and housing practitioners, to advance access to climate-resilient housing and urban services across the Global South.


Moderated by Nathanial (Nate) Matthews, CEO, GRP

  • Sheela Patel, Founder and Director, Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC) India
  • Anjali Mahendra, Director of Global Research, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Juan Caballero, Chief of Programs, Build Change
  • Cerin Kizhakkethottam, Programme Management Officer-Climate Change, UN Habitat
  • Golam Rabbani, Head of Climate Bridge Fund Secretariat at BRAC

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