Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Resilience Hub

The COP27 Latin America and Caribbean Regional Resilience Hub (LAC Resilience Hub) is led by Fundación Avina. The LAC Resilience Hub is delivering a programme of virtual workshops to engage different stakeholders in the region during September and October 2022.

Programme of Events

The workshops will address topics of relevance for the region and each workshop will be co-led by Avina and partner organizations of great trajectory and will be held with the objectives of:

  • Identify key messages to position Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)’s priorities at COP27 in relation to resilience and adaptation to climate change.
  • Create a space for multi-stakeholder dialogue that will highlight the vision of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Although the region faces many threats due to climate change, 7 thematic workshops were defined to be the focus of the discussions. Fundación Avina’s co-leads are included in the topics below.

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