Financing Locally-led Adaptation: Action on the ground and in-person

The Gobeshona Global Conference brings together policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge and experiences on climate change issues with a focus on Locally-led Adaptation (LLA).

Despite the potential of building local environmental and societal resilience, many locally-led activities struggle to access any type of finance. This, at time when they are best placed to respond to the urgent needs of our local communities to respond to climate change. UNDP and its partners are at the forefront of funding these endeavours, and their aim in this session is to share how this can be done by others. 

The theme of the session is “Locally Led Adaptation – Finance, Innovation and Scale”, which is addressed directly to the conference theme. The session is designed as a two-part interactive conversation. The panellists are drawn directly from local projects, and have intimate and distinct knowledge of the difficulties, and possibilities, located in the locally-led action space.

The first part is a panel discussion focusing specifically on locally-led action through a moderated discussion between four UNDP-sponsored projects. The discussion will begin with each project leader briefly explaining their project, the major challenges they face and how UNDP supports help them. 

The second part will be an open, moderated discussion between the panellists, with interspersed Q&A sessions with all participants. The key focus is providing a platform for these local entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to share their skills, knowledge and excellence; and an opportunity for others to learn and expand their own thinking.


This session is co-led by UNDP, GRP, ICCCAD, and CDKN.

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