Resilience Hub: Opening Reception and Launch of CCRI Digital Art Exhibition

Conveying the severity of the climate crisis to the wider public constitutes a formidable challenge. While science-based research and records play an important role in building understanding, art can help us feel, think and see differently. The CCRI’s Art + Resilience exhibition combines both art and data to deliver a powerful message about the climate emergency and its consequences. In addition to viewing the artwork, they will also be able to access interactive climate-related data, emphasising the importance of data in driving resilience.

Physical Location: if you are joining us in Glasgow physically, this event will take place at the Resilience Hub Pavilion in COP Blue Zone, Hall 5 by one of the main entrances.

Virtual Location: if you are tuning into this event virtually, please remember to log into your event platform account here and jump to the relevant event.

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