South-South Learning on Locally Led Adaptation Metrics

Join us at the Capacity Building Hub for a session during the South-South Capacity Day!


Local people and communities, especially women, youth, disabled, displaced and Indigenous Peoples, are key producers of resilience evidence and need to be recognised and supported accordingly. The Principles for Locally Led Adaptation have been signed by over 100 organisations committing to place communities at the centre of science, policy, practice, and investment of adaptation, resilience, and development programmes. Further, communities already have the agency to adapt and make decisions in the face of change, but often need the support of evidence in the form of appropriate data, information or knowledge to further strengthen their adaptation capacities. 

In light of the Global Stocktake and the Global Goal on Adaptation, it is imperative that Locally Led Adaptation initiatives are measured using approaches that are co-created with communities as partners in the process. This session will draw on the lessons from the EbA Knowledge Day held in September and efforts at the Africa Climate Summit, Resilience Evidence Forum and other global and regional events to amplify this need for Locally Led Adaptation Metrics. While there are learnings and opportunities from countries of the Global South, there is a need for appropriate platforms to co-create and facilitate discussions on what are the key strengths, gaps and evidence bases that we can build upon for Locally Led Adaptation Metrics across the Global South. 


  • To highlight and amplify the need for Locally Led Adaptation Metrics in light of the GST and the GGA 
  • Peer-to-peer learning and South-South knowledge exchange on efforts to measure locally led adaptation  


    Hon. HE Wilburforce Otichillo 
    Nadia Sitas
    Charles Tonui 
    Aiita Joshua Apamaku/ EnACT 
    David Gonzalez 
    Moderator: Shuchi Vora

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