Voices from the Frontline Webinar part II

Lessons of Resilience and Vulnerability during COVID-19: Women, Youth, and Migrants 

Join us for the second installment in a series of webinars intended to understand, capture, and profile the critical role that grassroots organisations are playing in building community resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar will focus on the crucial role of women and youth, the security of migrants and caring for the most vulnerable.

The COVID-19 pandemic is more than a human health crisis for vulnerable communities living in least developed and emerging economies. This is a systemic crisis that threatens to erode many of the development gains that have been achieved over the past decades.

ICCCAD and CDKN, in partnership with GRP have initiated the Voices from the Frontline project, under which a coalition of grassroots organisations and knowledge partners have come forward to document the challenges and solutions emerging from community-led responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

This webinar will focus on stories of resilience and vulnerability of women, youth and migrants in face of the Covid19 pandemic. Women and youth leaders will share their inspirational stories and interact with other development partners and the audience in a Q&A session. 

Confirmed speakers include:
Moderated by Maheen Khan (ICCCAD)
Suranjana Gupta (Huairou Commission)
Nadia Sitas (Complex Systems in Transition)
Krishna Khadka (Youth For Environment Education And Development Foundation)
Lydia Siapardani (Irida Women’s Centre)
Megan Rowling (Thomas Reuters Foundation)

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