Webinar: The Investment Case for Resilience

Join us for a discussion on how the financial sector can integrate resilience into their investment decisions.


Q+A from the webinar

During the webinar, there were a lot of questions that came into the Q+A box. We tried our best to answer them during the webinar, but were unable to get to all the questions. We downloaded the Q+A and have answered the remaining questions. You can find the list of questions and answers here.


In only the last fifteen years the world has faced a global recession, a pandemic, and – more recently – an energy crisis. Global interconnectedness, climate change, biodiversity loss, rising social inequality, new technology, and geopolitical tensions are likely to increase the frequency of further shocks in the future.

Resilience is critical to managing, mitigating, learning from, and adapting to these shocks. However, there is currently a gap in the way the private sector and capital markets account for resilience-related risks. Not only does insufficient investment in resilience limit the world’s ability to respond to shocks, but it also places investors’ assets at a higher risk. As global shocks increase in frequency and magnitude, these assets become more exposed. At a systemic level, the existing policy frameworks, market-based incentives, penalties, and regulations are inadequate in promoting the integration of resilience into corporate planning and investor portfolios.

Financial institutions can effectively reduce this exposure by operationalising and integrating resilience into their investment decisions.

In this webinar, we will unpack the definition of resilience and key attributes that underpin resilience. We will also discuss some of the barriers to and solutions for greater investment in resilience from financial institutions. Unlocking private sector capital is vital to creating a more resilient world and mitigating the impact of global shocks.


  • Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the London Climate Resilience Review and a UN Global Ambassador for Race to Zero and Race to Resilience
  • Ozong Agborsangaya-Fiteu, Chief Operations Officer at the African Development Bank
  • Alexander Bashian, Director of Innovative Finance at The Rockefeller Foundation

Moderated by Nathanial Matthews, CEO, GRP

The Investment Case for a Resilient Future brief

Ahead of the webinar, we have compiled a brief on the investment case for resilience. The brief tackles the definition of resilience, provides a guide for investing in resilience, and highlights case studies on investments in resilience. The brief is available here.

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