Global Resilience Partnership to Announce Challenge Winners – Sunday, September 27

During USAID’s Signature Event at UNGA on Sunday, September 27, the Global Resilience Partnership will name the winners of the inaugural Global Resilience Challenge. The winners will receive up to $1 million to implement their transformative solutions to build resilience in Africa and Asia’s most vulnerable communities.

As the global community gathers for the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to adopt the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, donors, policymakers, and experts alike are emphasizing the importance of resilience as a key requisite for ending poverty and achieving sustainable development.

To end hunger, we must manage droughts that drive the same communities into famine each year. To ensure access to clean water, we must expand access to sustainable water sources. To promote inclusive growth, we must protect livelihoods from being wiped out by disasters. By helping communities plan ahead for and adapt to these inevitable risks, we can lift millions out of poverty and help them stay on a path toward development.

As the Global Goals shape our development agenda for the next 15 years, strong partnerships are critical to catalyze and scale up innovative solutions that reduce humanitarian need and bolster development outcomes. The Resilience Partnership offers tangible examples of how to empower local communities with the technology, resources, and know-how to plan ahead of risks and promote sustainable solutions that deliver a resilience dividend and unlock pathways to development.

We hope you will follow the conversation on September 27 as we highlight the transformative solutions that Challenge teams have surfaced and discuss how resilience planning needs to be a core component of sound economic and development policymaking. Follow us on Twitter during the event, and be sure to visit our website for additional details on the selected teams.