How would you make flood-prone communities resilient?

Floods are one of the main disaster risks globally. Recognizing that only the most inventive ideas will effectively tackle this issue, the Global Resilience Partnership — convened by the Rockefeller Foundation, Sida, and the United States Agency for International Development — has launched the Global Resilience Challenge Water Window. The challenge is a joint association between Zurich Insurance Group and the Resilience Partnership.

Offering grants of up to $1 million, this competition is seeking to support innovative solutions — or to scale up those that are already working — that fall within one or more of the following focus areas: technology, financing, including risk transfer mechanisms; measurement and diagnostics (tools that enable better understanding problems and risk caused by water); policy; and learning and innovation (including community practices that enhance awareness, education, engagement, female empowerment, and action orientation).

In this exclusive Devex webinar, representatives from Zurich Insurance Group and KPMG, on behalf of the Resilience Partnership, discuss the Water Window challenge, its structure and application process, and answer questions from potential challenge participants.

The above webinar focuses on the Sahel region. You can watch webinars for the Horn of Africa region here and the South and Southeast Asia region here.

Any questions not addressed in these webinars can be directed to the Global Resilience Partnership through email,