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Meet the Catalytic Grant Winners from the COP27 Resilience Hub

Four teams will be awarded with a $5000 USD grant. The award is a joint effort from Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF), Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).

We are excited to announce the winners of the Catalytic Grants. This round was launched at the Resilience Hub at COP27 and was targeted at teams formed at each of the Regional Resilience Hubs. The award intends to strengthen ongoing south-south and south-north knowledge exchange and collaboration. Four teams have been selected to implement an idea fostered at the Regional Resilience Hubs and COP27. The winning teams will be awarded $5000 USD of initial seed funding to bring their ideas to life.

The Catalytic Grants Programme is a joint initiative by the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), the Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF) and the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)

Meet the four winning teams.

Latin America Regional Hub
Building Stronger Communities for Girls, Haiti
Building stronger communities for Girls aims to strengthen and build community resilience for girls. They aim to do this by developing an emergency mitigation and response mechanism that will contribute to more effective coordination and response, thereby reducing loss of life and property before and after disasters. Team members: Rood Myard Medgine Celange, Kindy Vereus Montreuil, and Myrline Edmond.

South-Asia Regional Hub
EMPOWER, Vietnam
EMPOWER aims to catalyze local adaptation innovations by addressing capacity gaps at the local level. They support the understanding of climate risks at the local level and support locally-led adaptation innovations stressing the use of indigenous, traditional, and local knowledge systems. Team members: Ho Ngoc Son, Nguyen Thi Hoa, and Ban Thi Kieu.

Latin America Hub
Scale for Resilience, Colombia/Germany/Spain
Scale for Resilience aims to facilitate best-practice sharing and idea generation, and strengthen south-south and south-north knowledge exchange and collaboration on adaptation and resilience finance. Additionally, they work to uplift and empower women by addressing gender gaps in adaptation finance and investing. Team members: Sabrina Nagel, Marta Juste, and Andrea Castellanos

Africa Regional Hub
Innovators for Climate Resilience, Uganda and Zimbabwe
Innovators for Climate Resilience aims to conduct a community climate adaptation needs assessment in Bulilima and Mangwe Districts in Zimbabwe, and develop a comprehensive document and an audio-visual documentary that will serve as a strong reference for promoting context-specific and evidence-based adaptation needs and resilience building. Team members: Eric Morgen Moyo, Hilda Adur and Thina Maphosa

What happens next?

Along with a grant of $5000 USD, the winners will have access to the best of resilience knowledge, tools and approaches through the Resilience Knowledge Coalition, and their ideas will be amplified through the Resilience Platform. Their work will also be featured on GRP’s website and social media.

Congratulations to all the winners!