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Connect with GRP at World Water Week 2019

New Report: Ensuring Water Security in a Uncertain World

Building a Resilient Future, 22 Sept 2019, NYC

We Finally Have an Official Climate Emergency. But is that the full picture?

Linking Science and Theatre to Empower Communities

GRP at London Climate Action Week

Webinar: Money Where It Matters

This webinar from 20 June 2019 focused on the challenges, vision and ways to deliver more – and better quality – ‘Money Where it Matters’ to those at the frontlines of climate change.

GRP at EAT Forum ‘Food Transformation for All’

Webinar: Resilience and Women’s Empowerment

GRP hosted its first Partners Learning Webinar on Wednesday 29 May with Mahila SEWA Housing Trust.

Webinar: Resilience and Women’s Empowerment