Adrienne Arsht – Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center (Arsht-Rock)

Builds human capacity for resilience in the face of climate impacts

The Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center (Arsht-Rock) builds individual and community resilience in the face of climate impacts. Arsht-Rock is driven to action by the critical need to address the widespread and intensifying consequences of climate change and related risks — threatening our communities, natural ecosystems, economic development, and political stability. Arsht-Rocks has pledged to reach one billion people around the world with resilience solutions to climate change by 2030.

Arsht-Rock is developing and deploying innovative policy, financial, technological, and educational solutions—fostering new knowledge, new skills, and new layers of protection that enable success in local and global climate adaptation efforts while bolstering resilience for the most vulnerable among us.

Arsht-Rock has four priority areas:

Extreme heat resilience
Innovative policy and finance solutions
Climate resilience through gaming technology
Individual and community resilience

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