InsuResilience Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub of the InsuResilience Global Partnership. Here you can find various materials surrounding the topic of climate change and disaster risk reduction.

Take part now in RISK TALK, the interactive exchange community on climate change risk management. Your dialogue with this community´s experts and stakeholders will enable you to find optimal risk management solutions faster and better than ever. Experts on climate change and risk management from all over the world are ready to answer your questions about climate risk management or start a specialist discussion with you and other climate change stakeholders. You will receive tailor-made answers to your questions and answers that will enable you to develop and implement effective risk management strategies.

Furthermore, you have the option to expand your network. RISK TALK is easy and intuitive to use. After typing in your question, your request is directed to a pool of experts. You will receive a response or even recommend another expert. Additionally, you have immediate access to answers on similar questions. Here you can join RISK TALK.

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