Synthesis of Water Window Challenge Results

Authors: Sarah Robens, Gil Yaron, Barbora Sladkova and Gregg Smith
Contributing authors: David Wilson and Simone Verkaart


The Water Window Challenge comprises 11 Challenge Winners that implemented 12 projects: six in Southeast Asia, five in South Asia, and one in sub-Saharan Africa. Water Window Challenge Winners were funded by the Z Zurich Foundation. The projects supported over 500,000 people over half of whom were women. They have carried out a combination of interventions that strengthen livelihoods with capacity building around community planning, information systems, technology and infrastructure to increase resilience. The projects have enabled 189,362 people to use early warning systems (EWS) or climate information and have trained 16,920 people in the use of more resilient agricultural techniques, alternative livelihoods and disaster risk reduction (DRR). This synthesis summarizes progress the Challenge Winners have made, and how they have done it.

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