Sharm-el-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda Implementation Report

The Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda (SAA) provides a set of clear and tangible near-term solutions that enable adaptation and resilience transformations across all systems to make 4 billion people resilient by 2030. As a global adaptation solutions agenda, SAA articulates science-backed adaptation solutions across food and agriculture, water, nature, ocean, health, human settlements and infrastructure systems, and puts ecosystem-based approaches, nature-based solutions, lives and livelihoods, equity and inclusivity at the heart of adaptation action.

This report, launched at COP28, highlights significant opportunities for transformation to accelerate planning, finance and implementation.

Key messages:

  • This year marks a defining moment for action on adaptation, resilience, and addressing the impacts of loss and damage.
  • The SAA constitutes the global framework for adaptation solutions, driving collaboration between public and private entities to address existing gaps in implementation, finance, and planning.
  • The First Implementation Report of the SAA captures the progress made on adaptation planning and policies, partnerships and inclusivity, knowledge and capacity, technology, innovation and data, and finance by highlighting the signals of change at system and outcome levels.
  • SAA has observed potential for a greater role of businesses, financiers, and local changemakers (which include cities, regions, civil society organizations, researchers, local communities and others) as key catalysts for transformational change in their communities and economies.
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