Tools and websites

An overview of key online platform, affiliated websites and tools from across the partnership

Flood Resilience Portal

The Flood Resilience Portals are online spaces for sharing practical knowledge (including 'solutions') about why and how to build community flood resilience. They bring together all of the knowledge generated and exchanged through the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance and beyond.


ResilienceLinks is a global knowledge platform for resilience practitioners, USAID staff, implementing partners, and the broader resilience community. It provides resources on how best to help people, households, communities, countries, and systems mitigate, adapt to, and recover from shocks and stresses in a manner that reduces chronic vulnerability and facilitates inclusive growth.

CIF Knowledge Center

The CIF is a dynamic partnership of diverse stakeholders working together to empower climate-smart development. CIF's Evaluation and Learning initiative identifies strategic lessons across CIF's portfolio and enables learning that is timely, relevant and applicable to climate programs, projects and strategies. The CIF's Transformational Change Learning Partnership (TCLP) advances understanding of transformational change through global collaboration, facilitated learning, and analysis with a diverse set of organizations and individuals from around the world, including country governments, multilateral development banks, civil society organizations, donor countries, climate finance institutions, researchers, and experts.