The Resilience Hub youth & frontline delegation: Youth voices shaping climate resilience at COP28

Meet the delegates shaping the global conversation on climate action and resilience. #COP28 #YouthLeadership #ClimateResilience

Young people play a crucial role in leading resilience initiatives and promoting intergenerational conversations necessary for overcoming obstacles and developing innovative solutions. In acknowledgment of this, The Resilience Hub, backed by the  Bezos Earth Fund, facilitated the participation of 16 young individuals to participate in COP28 in Dubai. Their active engagement in the Resilience Hub is geared towards enabling them to contribute to the global discourse on climate resilience and adaptation. These young people will contribute to global dialogue on climate action and promote resilience as a key element in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.  

The Resilience Hub is the main pavilion for climate resilience and adaptation at COP that  brings together a global community with diverse perspectives and experiences to share knowledge, co-create solutions and catalase action.

Meet the delegation: 

Anita Soina, SpiceWarriors Climate and Environmental Organization & The Soina Foundation 

Anita, hailing from the Maasai community in Kenya, is a dedicated climate change advocate. SpiceWarriors Climate and Environmental International Organization, prioritizes climate education in schools and rural areas, actively participating in restoration practices in both Kenya and Tanzania. The Soina Foundation focuses on addressing various social issues in her community, such as Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), Quality Education, Digital Access, and more. The foundation places a significant emphasis on promoting behavioral change to bring about positive societal transformation. Her commitment extends globally as she serves as the Global Youth Champion for the UN-hosted Sanitation and Water For All initiative. 

Reine BESSA , Cameroonian

Reine aspires to emulate the impact of “Wangari Maathai” and envisions a world that is more just, equitable, and inclusive. Her dedication lies in becoming a junior expert in fostering transparency in climate action. She is committed to facilitating collaborative exchanges and sharing experiences with young individuals from diverse backgrounds. Leveraging social responsibility and community engagement, Reine actively participates in various associations dedicated to reducing environmental risks associated with human activities and restoring degraded ecosystems to enhance living conditions.

Max Han Kai Ding, Youths United for Earth (YUFE)

Growing up in Malaysia, Max Han personally witnessed the destructive impact of deforestation, floods, and haze on his family and local communities. In response to these challenges, Max co-founded Youths United for Earth (YUFE), a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing youths for environmental action through local storytelling, campaigns, and advocacy. Max has been at the forefront, leading over 70 youths in spearheading environmental programs and campaigns that have reached 50,000 people and provided support to marginalized groups. Under Max’s leadership, YUFE initiated Malaysia’s first and largest sustainability mentorship program and collaborated with UNICEF Malaysia to establish a national youth climate hub. YUFE now regularly engages with local UN agencies and influential stakeholders. Currently, Max collaborates with environmental defenders and policymakers to draft Southeast Asia’s inaugural Environmental Human Rights Framework within ASEAN.Max’s impactful contributions have earned him recognition, personally receiving an award from the UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall. He has been honored by Prestige as one of Malaysia’s 40 most successful, innovative, and influential individuals. Additionally, Max is an honoree of the Diana Award and the North American Association for Environmental Education’s 30 Under 30.

Mary Grace Catapang, Global Fund for Coral Reefs, Blue finance/Blue Alliance Philippines

Grace is the Communication and Science Coordinator at Blue Alliance Philippines. Raised in a coastal community on Mindoro Island, she developed a strong connection with the ocean and its biodiversity. She is a licensed scuba diver pursuing a major in Biology specialization in Ecology and Systematics, and a Minor in Data Science and Analytics. She has  engaged in a research project at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum’s Coral Lab, the Paragon One Marine and Community Conservation by the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy.  As an emerging professional in ocean conservation, Grace aspires to contribute to inclusive science and community-based marine conservation, promoting benefits for both people and the planet.

Bodhi Pati 

Bodhi Patil is a UN-recognized, award-winning GenZ ocean-climate “Solutionist” dedicated to improving the interconnectedness between ocean health and human health. He is the Founder & CEO of Inner Light, empowering a generation to build resilience from the inside out for people and planetary wellbeing.  He is cofounder of Ocean Uprise and SeaDragon Studios and advises several love-based climate organizations on a mission to protect our blue planet. He has been featured by the United Nations, Forbes, Economist Impact, Wildlife Conservation Society, Oceanic Global, and has presented to world leaders at over 10 global climate conferences. Connect with him and learn more about his mission here.

Dana Masumura Ynami

Dana is deeply devoted to research and environmental law, aspiring to enhance climate solutions through the implementation of legal and policy frameworks grounded in scientific research. She has actively contributed to addressing wildlife conservation and climate mitigation challenges in the Amazon, tackled issues related to access to water, sanitation, and health (WASH) on the outskirts of Lima, and provided guidance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance for maritime conservation initiatives in East Africa and Myanmar. As a Japanese individual residing in Peru, Dana brings a global perspective, demonstrating a keen awareness of immigrant and minority community issues. 

Jhoanna Cifuentes,  Climalab (Colombia)

As the Co-founder and Executive Director of the NGO Climalab in Colombia, she spearheads education and political advocacy initiatives. Currently pursuing a PhD in Education, she holds additional studies in climate change, journalism, leadership, and social management. Her initiatives encompass projects focusing on education, youth, gender, and community empowerment. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Climate Action Network, Latin America node (CANLA), contributing to regional climate efforts. Since 2014, she has been actively engaged in international negotiations, starting from COP20, showcasing her commitment to driving positive change on a global scale.

Lourivânia Soares Santos (Rede Pintadas/Huairou Commission), Global Center

Lourivânia Soares Santos, a journalist, possesses advanced degrees in Culture and Society, specializing in research on the semi-arid biome. Actively involved in social and women’s movements, with a focus on advancing socio-economic justice and driving efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change, she co-founded the Resilient Women’s Platform and  advocated for water access in Pintadas and at Rede Pintadas. Her impactful contributions have earned recognition from the Global Commission on Adaptation and CDKN, resulting in their inclusion in the forthcoming second edition of the publication “Stories of Local Resilience and Adaptation.” Additionally, in her role as an advisor to the Legislative Assembly of Bahia, she actively influences legislation, championing support for cooperatives, the solidarity economy, and the preservation of licuri and umbu.

Mahamadi GABA, Wangari Maathai Foundation Youth Hub

Mahamadi GABA, a climate advocate, holds an advanced degree in applied economics, majoring in natural resources and environmental economics. Driven by a strong determination to effect change, Mahamadi involvement spans participating in protests, organizing educational events, and volunteering with environmental groups. Mahamadi serves as a member of the strategy committee of the Wangari Maathai Foundation Youth Hub, contributing to its strategic direction. Continually seeking innovative approaches to raise awareness about the urgent need for action, he is committed to empowering young people to actively participate. Additionally, Mahamadi GABA is currently pursuing a PhD in climate change economics, specializing in climate finance.

Linda Makau, GGI / ACCC

Linda is a Climate advocate with over 5 years experience in Climate advocacy and Climate communications. She is currently pursuing B.A in International Relations and Diplomacy with a keen interest in Environmental Diplomacy. She is the Founder of Africa Climate Change Communicators and a Communications volunteer with Green Generation Initiative,GGI. She is working with indigenous communities across Africa especially in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda to disseminate information in matters Climate Action. She also works to promote Climate Action in the religious sector across Africa under the African Union Chaplaincy in Addis Ababa.

Siam Ibne Masud

Siam Ibne Masud is a research and engineering student at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) in Bangladesh. Siam’s interests are mainly focused on renewable energy and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) circuits design. Siam participated in the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2022-2023 leading a team of students from Bangladesh and Uganda. Their design of a ‘Solar-powered automated grinder and anaerobic digestive chamber for producing cooking gas and crop fertilizers’ won the gold award. Siam has been nominated at IUB as the main coordinator for the teams participating this year. Siam has been part of the reviewer of the Commonwealth Children and Youth Challenge.  Siam’s LinkedIn profile  

Anton Seals, Grow Greater Englewood

Anton is the founder of Grow Greater Englewood  working in the food production industry

Veefeni Ingaveuya Priscilla Mundilo, Namibia Nature Foundation

As a fervent young female advocate for climate change, environment, and social safeguards, she has devoted her career to addressing these crucial issues at both community and national levels within her country. The opportunity to attend COP28 holds the promise of offering her a platform to not only represent Namibia but also share the nation’s distinctive perspectives. She aims to actively contribute to global climate discussions and collaborate with stakeholders worldwide to drive impactful climate policies and actions. With support, she seeks to empower herself to champion the voices of young women, making a tangible impact in the collective pursuit of a sustainable and resilient future.

Angie Andrade, Tejiendo Pensamiento and LCOY Colombia

She is an indigenous peasant woman hailing from the rural territory of Quillacinga in Botanilla, located south of the city of Pasto. Functioning as a community researcher with a focus on gender and ethnicity, she actively supports measures for climate change adaptation and the preservation of natural areas. Possessing expertise in soil restoration, mass removal phenomena, and environmental evaluation, she also engages in imparting environmental education projects to schools and colleges in rural areas.

Gabriel Arthur Veras dos Santos, Fridays For Future Brasil

Gabriel  is a climate activist who founded Jovens Pelo Futuro Xingu, serves as a board member of the SOS Amazônia Fund, and is a member of Fridays For Future Brasil. He is also a co-author of the Manifesto for Climate Education and gained international recognition as the Young Transformer of the Amazon by ASHOKA in 2021. Notably, he  initiated the “Agrocestas do Xingu” project, distributing over 3 tons of agroecological food produced by extractivist and indigenous communities in the Amazon to families facing food insecurity. Additionally, he spearheaded the “Xingu Limpo” campaign, successfully removing more than 20,000 liters of waste from rivers in the Amazon basin.