Together with the UN Officer for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), we have created a content series exploring how to go from Risk to Resilience. The series begins with a video explainer on moving from risk to resilience. It highlights five key attributes that help resilience flourish on the ground. The attributes are also featured in the blog, From Risk to Resilience, by Johan Rockström and Nathanial Matthews.

The series also includes an infographic on drought risks and resilience, a photo essay showcasing women’s work on resilient housing solutions, and a blog that dives into coastal resilience.

Explore the series below!

from Risk to Resilience animation

from Drought Risk to Resilience Infographic

from Risk to Resilience blogs

Moving the Needle – Coastal Risk to Resilience

Bringing together local stakeholders, investment, and international cooperation creates opportunities to transform from risk to resilience.

From Risk to Resilience

What are the five resilience attributes that help resilience flourish?

Women Raise the Roof

Organisations like Mahila Housing Trust and Slum Dwellers International work with women to design safe, resilient housing solutions.