Mapping of Resilience Initiatives

GRP has undertaken a Resilience Mapping of global and regional initiatives from funds, networks, alliances, partnerships, organisations to programmes and projects that either have a focus on resilience or cover some aspect of resilience. The initiatives mapped are summarised with a short description.

Their objectives are grouped under the following headings: 

-Fund and financing facilities
-Networks, alliances and partnerships
-Programmes and projects

GRP welcomes corrections to any of these summaries in this document. These should be sent to 

GRP Resilience Mapping (updated 6 March 2020)

This mapping is also embedded into GRP’s Resilience Platform, where you can also add new initiatives.

Overview of Adaptation and Resilience Landscape, 2020-2021

2020 and 2021 have demonstrated the importance of raising ambition and action on adaptation and resilience. The past two years also saw proliferation of ambitious targets, global campaigns and actors in the space. This overview is intended to provide a snapshot of the adaptation and resilience landscape as it relates to key regional-to-global processes. We hope that such an overview helps all our partners get their bearings. This overview is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but a bird’s eye view. We do, however, want to keep it relevant and useful, and will update it periodically. If you have any questions or comments , please contact us at