‘Wild Card’ Element of Global Resilience Challenge Now Open

The Global Resilience Partnership is now accepting applications from new teams to join the Global Resilience Challenge as “Wild Cards”. Wild Card teams will join the 17 teams currently participating in the Challenge and will be eligible for up to $1 million to implement solutions to build resilience in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

To apply to become Wild Cards, teams must:

  • Develop solutions that focus on the regions of the Sahel and the Horn of Africa
  • Put forth solutions to the Designated Problem Statement with a focus on innovative financing, technology, or both

The Designated Problem Statement that teams are invited to respond with solutions to is as follows:

TECHNOLOGY – MOBILE NETWORKS: Around the globe, mobile devices and network technologies are transforming the way resources flow, people connect, and information is circulated. In the Sahel and Horn of Africa, for instance, mobile payments have transformed the nature of commerce.

  • How can established and emergent mobile networks and technologies be harnessed to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities/geographies in this region?
  • Consider how such platforms and technologies could be further developed, applied, and scaled to enhance the resilience of social, ecological, physical, and economic systems.
  • How can current activities be broadened or calibrated to have co-benefits in adjacent spaces?
  • How can these technological systems, for instance, foster inclusive economies, strengthen and diversify markets, and grow social capital?

Applications will be accepted until July 15. Wild Card Team applications with private sector participation are strongly encouraged. Interested teams should continue to check this page for updates. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing additional information about an open conference call for potential teams, and further details on the application submission process.

Additional questions about the Challenge? Please contact us or review the Challenge Source Document and the Wild Card Addendum for more information.