Vermicomposting for sustainable production of organic fertiliser using food waste and empowering refugees

Country: Rwanda
Lead organisation: Rwanda Environment and Cultural Organisation (RECO) 

VERMIFARM produces sustainable high-quality organic fertiliser by using earthworms to break down food waste, a technique called vermicomposting. VERMIFARM is currently working with 15 refugees to collect food waste and to train them on how to use the organic fertiliser. Through the RAIN challenge, VERMIFARM plans to upgrade the infrastructure for their fertiliser production centre, hire and train more refugees, and conduct outreach and engagement to increase the distribution of the fertiliser to farmers. VERMIFARM’s fertiliser is cost effective and 50% cheaper than chemical fertilisers. They are able to keep costs down because everything is locally sourced and produced. 

VERMIFARM: Nature positive agriculture in Rwanda

Meet one of the RAIN Challenge shortlisted candidates, VERMIFARM, and learn how they transform food waste to organic fertiliser for sustainable agriculture.