Develop Your Ideas with a Catalytic Grant Award

This year at CBA15, all attendees have the opportunity to apply for Catalytic Grant Awards.

GRP Areas of work: Knowledge Policy

The Catalytic Grant Awards are a joint effort by Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF) and implemented by International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD). These awards aim to provide initial seed funding to incentivize partnerships and collaborations beyond events to develop ideas fostered during CBA conference. Three $5000 USD grants will be awarded.

Award Objectives

  • Increase incentives and opportunities for cross-disciplinary capacity development and ideation;
  • Strengthen global community of practice on Locally-led Adaptation (LLA) and resilience;
  • Strengthen Southern leadership in the community of practice;
  • Strengthen south-south and south-north knowledge exchange and collaboration; and actions on adaptation and resilience; and
  • Create continuity between global conferences such as Gobeshona and Community Based Adaptation (CBA).

How did it start?

Work on climate change adaptation and resilience has generated a vibrant community of academics and non-academics in the Global South. This community has an annual cycle of key touch points that include the International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA), the Gobeshona Global Conference and the Development & Climate (D&C) Days. These events allow this community of practice to come together at regular intervals, build new relationships, and work together on new ideas. To help foster continuity between these events, a catalytic grant was first trialed and successfully launched at the 7th Annual Gobeshona Global Conference in January 2021, as a joint effort from Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF), Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD). The first round proved to be widely popular, with 5 teams receiving awards to continue working on their ideas sparked during Gobeshona. The winners of the Grant will also be part of CBA15 and Gobeshona 2022 to inspire others with their current work, made by possible by Catalytic Grant, and build further linkeages.

Gobeshona-Round Winners

  1. Networks of Nature: Integrating Urban Farming in the City Fabric (teams from Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines): This project aims to promote networks and channels of communication to educate people about the benefits of urban farming and to find creative alternatives for Networks of Nature that help disseminate knowledge about the importance of individual and community actions in urban farming activities as accelerators for positive environmental change.
  2. Enhancing Youth and Community- led Climate Adaptation Knowledge Management and Networking Hub (team members from Bangladesh, Tanzania and Zambia): This projects works to develop youth agency in the climate change arena, to mobilize youth groups in Bangladesh, Tanzania and Zambia, and to collate and publish their stories on climate change.
  3. Collective-learning as Locally-led Adaptation Strategies for Resilience Building in Informal Urban Settlements in the Face of Climate Change (team members from Bangladesh and South Africa):  This project aims to increase and share Locally-led Adaptation solutions in urban poor communities by establishing a learning platform and disseminating knowledge.
  4. Climate Change Adaptation and Gender: “Coping with the Climate Risks by Empowering Women in the Mountains” (team members from Nepal and India): This project aims to build capacity, share learning material and facilitate cross-cultural learning on climate adaptation strategies for women groups in Nepal and India.
  5. Kabaloong – A Learning Hub for Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Indigenous Communities in Bangladesh (team members from Bangladesh): This project aims to establish a climate learning hub called Kabaloong (“the Earth”) for indigenous children and their families to enhance indigenous community resilience through training and building a knowledge base on climate change and adaptation.

Next steps

Building on the first round of Catalytic Grants at Gobeshona, we are excited to extend this opportunity to all CBA15 participants. We encourage you to register for CBA15 and start engaging with the many different sessions and variety of participants on the platform. The purpose of the award is to foster and grow collaborations that emerge from CBA15 through discussions, session interactions, and networking. With the support provided by this award, the winning teams can continue developing their idea beyond the conference space and convene again at Gobeshona 2022 and the subsequent CBA16. As a winner, the teams will also get access to the best resilience knowledge, tools and approaches through the Resilience Knowledge Coalition.

To find out more, register for CBA15 and engage with the team on a dedicated Slack channel (#Catalytic-Grants).

Applications are open until 2 July and the submission form can be found on the CBA15 platform.