How communities and countries build resilience will be dependent upon their capacity to anticipate, plan and take action to respond to a wide range of risks. This is particularly the case for least developed countries. GRP works with communities, practitioners, academia, civil society and national governments to connect, share, and advance resilience insights and knowledge.

Resilience Evidence Coalition

Getting the best evidence on resilience to shape policies, plans and investments to deliver a resilient future.

South-to-South Resilience Academies

The Academies mobilise transdisciplinary teams of academics, thought leaders and practitioners from the Global South.

Seeds of Resilience for Peace and Stability

Aims to understand how local and regional resilience initiatives, innovations and practices (seeds) contribute to sustainable peace.

UNDP-Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator

GRP provides knowledge management and sharing, global partnerships and investment brokering services to AFCIA. 

Stories of Resilience

Explore stories of resilience from the Voices from the Frontline series to the Resilience Perspectives video series.

Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA) Research

Series of reports exploring ocean risks compiled by the Stockholm Resilience Centre and GRP for ORRAA.

Latest Knowledge News

#Art4Resilience: Knowledge Into Use Awards

This year, we are excited to announce the third round of the awards! The "Knowledge into Use" awards provide a unique opportunity to ignite resilience, celebrate creativity, and embrace innovation in engaging with the latest resilience evidence.

From Crisis to Stage: ‘Burnt’ Captures Resilience in Cameroon’s Climate Crisis

Introducing a Knowledge into Use project utilising theatre as a platform to exhibit resilience within their community, while also addressing issues of climate change and conflict.

Flood risk communication through mural art

Knowledge into Use recipient, Youth Innovation Lab (YI-Lab), works to bridge technology gaps and empower communities for resilient futures.

Advancing equity through food systems transformations

The Seeding equity in African food systems SARA working group shares their insights from a collaborative dialogue between development organisations and funding partners.

Embracing informality: A crucial element in crafting equitable urban resilience

Learn how the Southern African Resilience Academy’s Informality and Equitable Urban Resilience Working Group synthesised research and practice to examine how informality influences urban resilience.