What does failure mean to you? 

We are conducting a survey on failure to hear about your experiences and opinions. Survey deadline: 6 March 2023

GRP Areas of work: Innovation

Failure often has negative connotations. Speaking about failure openly can be a sensitive topic. Project leaders do not want to highlight their failures for fear of not receiving funding. Policy makers may not want to highlight their failures or failed policies as to not lose the trust of constituents. Entrepreneurs and implementers feel that they must show a strong track record in order to secure future funding and partnerships. 

However, at the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), failure is not viewed as something that is automatically negative. It represents potential opportunities to learn from and improve and, crucially, to document and share that learning so others avoid the same mistakes. 

At GRP, we want to destigmatize failure. We want to learn more about how failure impacts us and decision making processes. To better understand this, we are conducting a study on failure where we are mapping the taxonomy of failure. In addition, we  are also completing a literature review and interviewing decision makers (from funders to implementers). To complete the circle, we are also conducting this survey to hear what your experience of failure is.

Survey on failure

The purpose of the survey is to gather information on attitudes to failure in innovative climate projects, and innovation generally. We are looking  across several sectors in business, government and international development. Your responses are valuable to us, and we encourage you to share the survey with your network. The survey consists of nine questions, and we estimate it will take about 5-10 mins to complete. We appreciate the time you take to complete the survey. If you have any questions please email: The survey deadline is 6 March 2023.

Complete the survey here.