GRP Innovation Challenge

Surfacing resilience solutions at the intersection of Food & Water Security, Peace & Stability, and Disaster Resilience

The Global Resilient Partnership (GRP), USAID and KPMG announced the 16 winners of the Innovation Challenge in September 2019. The winning organisations work on innovative solutions to build resilience at the intersection of Peace & Stability, Food & Water Security and Disaster Resilience in the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Challenge winners receive mentorship support, technical advice, and media coverage support. They also participated in Leadership Academy course and in an Investing in Resilience Forum to network with potential funders in November 2019. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded the GRP Innovation Challenge.

GRP Innovation Challenge Winners


  • Great Vision Research and Consultancy (GVRC) Limited: Community Enterprise Development Impact Bond (CEDIB) for Climate Resilience in West Pokot County of Kenya


  • Association Pro Milk Mali: Healthy Milk for Mali from Mali
  • Danish Red Cross: Ethiopian Rainwater Harvesting Ecosystem & Blended Financing Facility
  • FarmBetter: Mobile app that provides personalised solutions and a knowledge sharing platform for smallholder farmers in Kenya
  • Global Parametrics R&D: F-cubed project: Forecast and Financing for Famine (F^3) provides early warning and financing to anticipate crises before they get out of hand
  • S. Swaminathan Research Foundation: Developed the Fisher Friend Mobile Application to help small scale fishers respond to climate change by introducing adaptive capacities and providing access to scientific information and early warnings.
  • SMART Sustainable Safe Water (S3W) Global Crowd Service Platform: SMART Sustainable Safe Water (S3W) Global Crowd Service Platformaims to bring safe drinking water, sanitation, and digital farming solutions to poor end users.
  • Water Governance Institute: Promoting Solar-powered Integrated Fish and Crop (Aquaponics) Commercial Farming among Refugee and Host Communities in Uganda
  • Savia Atmospheric Fountains & Rivers: The Discovery of Ice being Atmospheric


  • Atma Connect: Catalyzing a Paradigm Shift: Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction At Scale to promote bottom-up solutions in disaster mitigation strategies in Indonesia
  • Tuklas Innovations Lab (under Plan International): SolveX38: Intelligent Flood Warning and Monitoring System in the Philippines
  • Youth Innovation Lab: Disaster Information Management System for Resilience that is open and reliable for disaster management targeting in Nepal
  • Lutheran World Relief: Climate Resilient Women Entrepreneurs “Sakchham Mahila Pariyojana” will develop a business model and marketing plans to demonstrate the benefits of purchasing climate resilient seed varieties and inputs in Nepal
  • The Resurgence Urban Resilience Trust (Resurgence): DARAJA (Developing Risk Awareness through Joint Action) provides residents in informal settlements across Nairobi and Dar es Salaam with climate information services.

Watch the Investing in Resilience Forum video