The GRP Incubator

An increasingly turbulent and unpredictable world requires new approaches to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Incubator was set up in 2015 with the purpose of supporting the Global Resilience Partnership in efforts to identify, innovate, improve and scale initiatives that build resilience. Additionally, it was set up to contribute to the forming of an ecosystem around scaling of resilience initiatives. As such, the Incubator actively contributes to the design and implementation of innovation competitions and challenge funds to unearth new ideas to build resilience.

Since its inception the Incubator has provided mentoring and scaling support to 38 resilience initiatives and innovations. This work includes: undertaking Resilience and Scalability Assessments; identifying gaps and weaknesses in the project implementation and/or implementer; recommending courses of action to maximize effect and sustainability of the initiatives; refining implementation models; and providing support in securing additional funding from external funders. The Incubator’s work with the current 38 resilience initiatives and innovations has helped contribute to the 7 million people supported by Global Resilience Partnership.

Incubator News

The Incubator: Idea → Implementation → Scale

In March’s partner blog, we talked to Jesper Hornberg who leads GRP’s incubator work. We also highlight a number of partners who previously participated in GRP challenge competitions and how the incubator influenced their work.

Webinar: Learning from Failure and Scaling of Resilience-Building Initiatives

GRP and Itad hosted a webinar on 29 April that looked into lessons learnt from GRP’s Challenge Funds.

Investing in Resilience: A Destination with Many Routes

Global Resilience Partnership’s 38 challenge winners are cutting multiple paths towards a resilient future, as our recent Investing in Resilience forum on 5 November 2019 showcased in London.

Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

Investing in Resilience in 2016

Incubator Resources

Case study: Learning from Failure to Accelerate Success in Resilience-Building Initiatives

The aim of this report is to share learning and insights from GRP’s experience of working with its Challenge Funds to drive innovation in resilience practice, by creating a safe space for Challenge Winners to test, learn and adapt their projects. It is aimed at those interested in learning about how to create a space to test innovations, take risks and embrace and learn from failure.

Case study: An Incubator Approach to Scaling Effective Resilience Solutions

The purpose of this case study is to understand how GRP has supported its Challenge Winners to scale their resilience innovations, through documenting the Incubator’s role, project progress and achievements and learning emerging from this. This case study documents both early learning before the scaling activities accelerated into full implementation as well as achievements and learning taken from final reporting, alongside evidence about how the Incubator engaged with the wider base of grantees