Resilience Evidence Coalition

Getting the best evidence on resilience used to shape policies, plans and investments to deliver a resilient future.

GRP co-hosted the Resilience Evidence Forum with USAID in Cape Town between June 20-22, 2023. The Forum convened over 200 physical participants and over a 1000 virtual participants. Based on the successes of the Resilience Evidence Forum,  the Resilience Knowledge Coalition has now transformed into the Resilience Evidence Coalition.  The Resilience Evidence Coalition (or the coalition) is an effort to sharpen focus of the previous community of practice, and it will continue to be informed by a learning-by-doing approach, amplifying and diversifying Southern voices on evidence, and building upon existing initiatives. It is a “network of networks” of individual members that connects existing initiatives and builds on their successes through a systemic approach so that they can become greater than the sum of their parts. It is hosted by GRP and co-led by Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).

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Coalition Activities

Global South
Talent Pool

Internship programme, networking and capacity exchange

Online Platforms

Online platforms and spaces for knowledge sharing and convening

Knowledge into Use

Products, resources and webinars on the latest knowledge


Advancing the Conversation Around Building a Resilient Future

Resilience — or the ability of people, households, communities, countries and systems to manage adversity and change without compromising future well-being — is becoming more relevant and better known outside of food security circles as the world struggles to cope with increased and overlapping global shocks.

Scaling Global Resilience: New Report Highlights Increasing Momentum for Evidence-backed Solutions 

The Resilience Evidence Forum (REF) 2023 Synthesis Report presents the findings and insights from the Resilience Evidence Forum.

#Art4Resilience: Knowledge Into Use Awards

New phase of the Knowledge into Use awards. Apply by 22 September 2023 for a chance to win 100,000 Swedish Kronor to develop your project!

Resilience Perspectives: A storytelling competition for  young people

We are thrilled to announce the five winners of Resilience Perspectives, a storytelling competition for young people.

Global South Talent Pool: A pathway to professional growth and knowledge exchange 

We're looking for four young professional to join the Global South Talent Pool. Apply today!




GRP Partner

Resilience Links webinar on Resilience Evidence (Americas – friendly timezone)



GRP Partner

Gobeshona Webinar on Resilience Evidence (Asia, Africa & Europe friendly timezone)


Cape Town, South Africa

GRP Partner

Resilience Evidence Forum


Sharm el Sheikh


Book Launch: Lesson on Locally-led Adaptation (LLA)