Bridging the Gap between Ambition and Action

Workers cutting down bamboo to make fences by the side of the river to help prevent the river from cutting further into the land during flooding. Kanhaiyapur, Kailali, Far West, Nepal.

Mercy Corps/Nepal

The necessary systemic and systematic transformations needed to build inclusive and transformative resilience requires an integrated and cross-sectoral approach that acknowledges the role of stakeholders and actions at multiple levels of decision-making, governance and finance. GRP works with partners and stakeholders across sectors to understand the action that is required, raise ambition and commitments, and build the bridge that is necessary to realise inclusive and transformative resilience.

GRP aims to bridge the gap between action taken on the ground by local communities and the ambition expressed in regional and international spaces, ensuring that international resilience action is not only inclusive, but that it speaks to the reality, knowledge and expertise of those on the frontlines. Whether it is raising global ambition through engagement on campaigns such as the Race to Resilience under the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, or advancing global climate finance architecture to ensure resources are channeled to on-the-ground action through the Frontline Funds Accelerator, GRP is committed to radical collaboration for resilience action.

GRP is involved in several partnerships and initiatives that aim to accelerate global ambition and action on inclusive and transformative resilience:

Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action
High-Level Champions and the Race to Resilience
Frontline Funds Accelerator
Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance
Risk-informed Early Action Partnership

To learn more about how GRP’s work on bridging the gap between ambition and action on inclusive and transformative resilience, click on the links above or get in touch with the policy team.