Voices from the Frontline is a joint initiative by ICCCAD and CDKN to support grassroots communities in sharing their stories on the challenges of and the responses to the pandemic.

Grassroots communities and organisations are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic head on. They are working to support each other, distribute resources, and fight misinformation, all while building resilience. By accumulating and disseminating stories, we hope to learn from community responses to build resilience for the vulnerable in future emergencies. One story is being released weekly. The full stories are available on ICCCAD’s Voices from the Frontline page

Story 1: Lockdown Slum Style

Story 2: Bangladeshi farmers respond to covid-19 with innovation and sustainabilitY

Story 3: Women’s group boosts resilience in the face of crisis 

Story 4: Fiji: Community voices highlight lessons and opportunities for resilience

Story 5: Rafiq Nagar, Mumbai: Residents Confront COVID-19 On Top of Existing Health threats