Amplifying Youth Visions in a Changing Climate

Introducing a Knowledge into Use project utilising participatory methods to engage communities in capturing evidence of resilience and collective vision amidst environmental challenges.

Written by: June Kimaiyo
GRP Areas of work: Knowledge

In the bustling streets of Cape Town, South Africa, a vibrant mural stands as a testament to resilience, collaboration, and hope. This mural is more than just paint on a wall; it’s a symbol of youth empowerment and collective vision for a better tomorrow.

One of the Knowledge into Use awards winners, the Youth Visions in a Changing Climate project brought together artists, activists, researchers, and practitioners with a common goal: to amplify the voices of youth and envision a more just and flourishing future amidst climate, environmental, and social change. Through a combination of art, activism, and research, this collaborative effort aimed to democratise science and inspire transformative action.

The project’s approach used arts-based and participatory methods to engage the public and foster dialogue. Through immersive workshops, participants co-designed and painted the mural, infusing it with their dreams, aspirations, and concerns for the future. The result is a striking visual representation of resilience and connection, inviting viewers to reflect, learn, and engage in dialogue about the changes needed to build a thriving and connected community.

The Youth Visions in a Changing Climate project exemplifies the power of arts-based approaches not only in fostering dialogue and collaboration but also in documenting evidence of resilience and collective vision. Through the creation of the mural, participants have not only left a lasting imprint on the streets of Cape Town but have also contributed to a tangible record of their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a more sustainable and equitable future. This method of using art as a means of documentation serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of creative expression in addressing complex societal challenges and inspires us to continue exploring innovative ways to capture and share the stories of resilience and transformation.

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