Theme: Health (incl COVID-19))

Regional Resilience Dialogues

Why regional dialogues on adaptation and resilience? It is a political, social and economic imperative to advance actions on adaptation and resilience. A mitigation-only strategy on climate action will not be effective to address the impacts of climate change nor deliver a 1.5 degree world.

Woman carrying a child up stair to her house in Bangladesh

South Asia Regional Resilience Dialogue

Fostering adaptation and resilience for a post Covid-19, 1.5 degree future

Flooded road in Vietnam with people trying to get through on motorbikes.

Southeast Asia Regional Resilience Dialogue

Transformational opportunities to scale up adaptation and resilience

COVID-19 Recovery: Lessons from Resilience Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning

‘Resilience’. The word is everywhere as the COVID-19 pandemic and its multiple impacts unfold. Frequently appearing in the titles of webinars and articles, the desire for resilience is stated, but its operational meaning rarely unpacked.

Building Community Resilience in the Face of Covid-19

Grassroots organisations are critical in responding to the global crisis of COVID-19.