Theme: Measurement and Indicators

Evidence from LLA Initiatives: Methodological challenges and enquiry into what success looks like

Gobeshona Global Conference 3 is a fully virtual conference focusing on various climate-related themes.

Resilience Evidence Forum

Join us for a three-day interactive gathering to advance the conversation about what works and what doesn’t in building resilience

USAID’s Resilience Policy is open for review

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is pleased to share their new draft of the USAID Resilience Policy for review and comments.

Improving climate adaptation—Is measurement a barrier?

Webinar recording Many leading agencies and foundations have announced large climate adaptation investments to improve climate resilience, and they will need reliable evidence to assess which investments are the most impactful. Yet, lack of clarity about which approach to take when measuring climate resilience is a barrier that needs to be overcome to help move […]

Advancing Resilience Measurement: Measuring resilience in complex systems

COP27 Resilience Hub session

ResilienceLinks Webinar | Advancing Resilience Measurement: Principles and Priorities

Join us on August 23, 2022, for a discussion surrounding the principles and priorities of measuring resilience with a panel of experts.

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Advancing Resilience Measurement

GRP's Programme Officer, Shuchi Vora reflects on the principles and priorities of advancing resilience measurement.

Advancing Resilience Measurement: Consultation Report

New Advancing Resilience Measurement Consultation Report by USAID, GRP and University of Arizona addresses the challenges and gaps in resilience measurement and evidence by setting a common agenda for actors.

Bridging Evidence and Practice by Advancing Resilience Measurements

The Gobeshona Global Conference brings together policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge and experiences on climate change issues with a focus on Locally-led Adaptation (LLA).

Global South Expert Pool: Open Opportunities

GRP is looking to commission one or two experts from the majority world as consultants to conduct mapping exercises on resilience measurements.