Theme: Measurement and Indicators

Advancing Resilience Measurement: Measuring resilience in complex systems

COP27 Resilience Hub session

ResilienceLinks Webinar | Advancing Resilience Measurement: Principles and Priorities

Join us on August 23, 2022, for a discussion surrounding the principles and priorities of measuring resilience with a panel of experts.

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Advancing Resilience Measurement

GRP's Programme Officer, Shuchi Vora reflects on the principles and priorities of advancing resilience measurement.

Advancing Resilience Measurement: Consultation Report

New Advancing Resilience Measurement Consultation Report by USAID, GRP and University of Arizona addresses the challenges and gaps in resilience measurement and evidence by setting a common agenda for actors.

Bridging Evidence and Practice by Advancing Resilience Measurements

The Gobeshona Global Conference brings together policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge and experiences on climate change issues with a focus on Locally-led Adaptation (LLA).

Global South Expert Pool: Open Opportunities

GRP is looking to commission one or two experts from the majority world as consultants to conduct mapping exercises on resilience measurements.

Innovating for Climate Resilience Fund

At COP26, the Global Resilience Partnership together with the Global Innovation Fund launched a new fund for climate resilience and adaptation.

Race to Resilience Metrics Framework Meeting

Join us on the 23rd of June to discuss the Race To Resilience Metrics framework.

Resilience Knowledge Coalition Webinar

In this webinar, we will share further details on the coalition functions, and start working towards implementing activities together!

Learning to Navigate Resilience: Building on Advances in Resilience Measurement

As the Resilience Measurement Community of Practice (RMEL CoP) transitions into the Resilience Knowledge Coalition, we offer three key contributions of resilience measurement in the past decade, and three challenges to advance resilience practice in the decade to come.