RAIN – A new agriculture innovation challenge for East Africa

GRP and Shockwave Foundation are excited to announce the Resilient Agriculture Innovations for Nature (RAIN) Challenge. RAIN will be launched at the at the COP27 Resilience Hub on 12 November 2022.

Written by: Mumbi Sarah
GRP Areas of work: Innovation Knowledge Policy Theme: Agriculture, nutrition and food security Climate change

Although the agricultural sector is rapidly becoming more susceptible to the harsh impacts of climate change, it is ripe with innovation and transformation potential. Supporting agricultural entrepreneurs’ resilient climate solutions is essential to adapt to climate change, build resilient food systems and enhance biodiversity. The United Nations at the UN Food System Summit (UNFSS) and through the UN Climate Change Conferences has also called for a transformative response to agricultural development from the private sector. However, private capital is only available if resilience investments can show that they can potentially generate acceptable risk-adjusted returns.

In response, Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) and Shockwave Foundation are partnering on the Resilient Agriculture Innovations for Nature (RAIN) challenge. RAIN aims to convert seed-level innovative agricultural ideas that are meeting resilience needs in East Africa and scale them to sustainable business ideas of interest to private investors and funders. The aim is to identify new innovative agricultural initiatives and provide customized support to maximize each initiative’s potential for impact. The challenge will align potential funders to these initiatives and drive attention to the urgent need for agricultural systems transformation.

RAIN is open to rural farmers, entrepreneurs, organizations or consortiums of organizations across public, private, civil society and grassroots organizations as well as academia in East Africa (Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda).

Winners will be connected to investors, receive a tailored mentoring program, and communications support. In addition, winners will be invited to an investor forum and pitching session in-person or virtually.  Subject matter experts will facilitate a leadership academy for the winning entrants. Winners will also receive a cash prize after the initial mentoring period and after the leadership academy.

Launch event

RAIN will be launched at the Resilience Hub event ‘Seed to Scale: Accelerating Innovation Enterprises‘ on 12 November 2022. Register for the Resilience Hub here.

Application details

The application period is now closed. 

Guidelines for Applicants
Application Form


RAIN launch on 12 November 2022.
Applications close on 20 January 2023 – application period is now closed.
Winners will be announced in the beginning of March 2023.

Please, email any questions to