Reports & Case studies

Resilience of Local Communities: Lessons from COVID-19

This brief provides a first assessment on how 15 local communities in the Global South are building resilience in the face of COVID-19. We found that communities used many different coping strategies, spanning multiple social domains of resilience, when responding to a crisis.

Case study: Learning from Failure to Accelerate Success in Resilience-Building Initiatives

The aim of this report is to share learning and insights from GRP’s experience of working with its Challenge Funds to drive innovation in resilience practice, by creating a safe space for Challenge Winners to test, learn and adapt their projects. It is aimed at those interested in learning about how to create a space to test innovations, take risks and embrace and learn from failure.

Case study: An Incubator Approach to Scaling Effective Resilience Solutions

The purpose of this case study is to understand how GRP has supported its Challenge Winners to scale their resilience innovations, through documenting the Incubator’s role, project progress and achievements and learning emerging from this. This case study documents both early learning before the scaling activities accelerated into full implementation as well as achievements and learning taken from final reporting, alongside evidence about how the Incubator engaged with the wider base of grantees

Resilience and Sustainable Peace: Managing Climate Related Security & Development Risks in the Anthropocene

This background paper is a joint contribution by Guidance for Resilience in the Anthropocene: Investments for Development (GRAID) and the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP)

Resilience Insights

The Resilience Insights Report distils and illuminates the latest evidence from across the breadth of the Global Resilience Partnership to inform future resilience programming at a time when it is more important than ever.

Synthesis of Water Window Challenge Results

The Water Window Challenge comprises 11 Challenge Winners that implemented 12 projects. Water Window Challenge Winners were funded by the Z Zurich Foundation. This synthesis summarizes progress the Challenge Winners have made, and how they have done it.

Synthesis of Global Resilience Challenge Results

Ten projects focused on transforming risks around shocks and stresses experienced across the target geographies into opportunities, with the overarching objective of reaching millions of people. Funded by USAID, each grantee received up to US$1.45 million to implement and scale up their resilience solutions. This synthesis stock-takes and synthesizes the progress made by the Global Resilience Challenge projects.

Case study: Lessons of Challenge Funds for Resilience Building

This case study looks at evidence of good practice in the use of Challenge Funds to deliver resilience outcomes based on a review of literature.

Case Study: Examples of Effective Resilience Programming

42 programs that were either funded or implemented by members of the GRP were reviewed to gather the best insights from the whole community. Where possible, the effectiveness of a particular intervention is provided based on robust quantitative or mixed methods data, which was prioritized as part of this review.

The GRAID Briefs

GRAID is a programme hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). It aims to bridge the worlds of resilience thinking and development practice.

Policy Documents

Outcome Documents from Policy Dialogues