Equitable resilience in southern African conservation systems

Southern Africa, with a longstanding legacy in global conservation, presents a diverse array of innovative and transformative conservation models. Despite this leadership, a critical gap exists in synthesising lessons on comprehending, assessing, and building resilience across these diverse models. This working group addressed the challenge by convening diverse Southern African researchers and practitioners spanning various knowledge domains. The group conducted a global synthesis of equitable resilience in natural resource systems, applying these insights to enhance understanding of equitable resilience specifically in Southern Africa. Their approach heavily relied on collaboration with scientists-practitioners possessing profound and practical insights into conservation management and governance within Southern African systems. Through a strategic dissemination plan, encompassing academic publications, policy briefs, and consultation with conservation agencies, the working group sought to provide both global intellectual leadership and practical policy support, contributing to the advancement of resilience-building initiatives throughout Southern Africa.

Working Group Members

  • Alta De Vos, Centre for Sustainability Transitions, Stellenbosch University
  • Dirk Roux, South African National Parks
  • Hayley Clements, for Sustainability Transitions, Stellenbosch University
  • Nelsiwe Mpapane, Nelson Mandela University
  • Bekezela Nxumalo, Stellenbosch University
  • Hervé Fritz, Nelson Mandela University
  • Edson Gandiwa, Scientific Services, Zimbabwe National Parks,
  • Graeme Cumming, University of Western Australia
  • Chloe Guerbois, Nelson Mandela University
  • Tess Parker, Rhodes University