Building Equitable Resilience in Southern Africa

Call for working groups on “Building equitable resilience in southern Africa”

SARA invites proposals for collaborative working groups to pursue inter- or transdisciplinary synthesis research under the guiding theme of “Building equitable resilience in southern Africa.”

“We want to support working groups that draw from multiple disciplines and knowledge systems, and synthesize insights from across the southern African region. We’re interested in research questions that explore the challenges and opportunities of buildings systems that are both more resilient in the face of global change and address societal inequalities,” says Dr. Maike Hamann, Knowledge and Evidence Lead at GRP and coordinator of SARA.

Within the theme of “Building equitable resilience in southern Africa,” working groups are free to focus on their own topics or systems of interest, be it food systems, urban systems, stewardship initiatives, resilience measurement, protected areas, or similar.

Expected outputs

Each working group is expected to produce at least two knowledge products:

  1. An academic paper for a special issue, and
  2. A non-academic product, such as a video, website, policy brief, or policy dialogue

One of the key outcomes of the working group activities is a special issue on “Building equitable resilience in southern Africa.” This provides a focus for the working group activities, and an opportunity to develop insights across different groups.

Support details

Support will be provided for three in-person meetings in the greater Cape Town/Stellenbosch area, South Africa. This includes travel, lodging, and meals for participants in accordance with CST’s travel policies.

SARA will cover the open access publication costs for the special issue. In addition, working groups will receive funds to support the development of their non-academic knowledge products.

SARA will assist in the dissemination of knowledge products through the extensive communication channels of GRP, CST and the Southern African Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (SAPECS). GRP will also support the contribution and strategic dissemination of key insights from SARA into global policy discussions.

Support does not include working group members’ salaries, per diems, fieldwork costs, or grants to other institutions.


Proposal submission deadline: 31 January 2022
Decision communication: 07 February 2022
Kick-off workshop: 5 – 8 April 2022
Second workshop: October 2022
Third workshop, linked to policy day: August 2023
Project deliverables due: October – December 2023

How to Apply

Read the full details and how to apply here.
Please, contact Maike Hamann if you have any questions.