We need a new solution for new realities.

More than 217 million people are affected every year by natural disasters. Over the last 30 years, one-third of spending on development has been lost to recurrent crises, totaling 3.8 trillion dollars worldwide. As climate change and population growth continue, disasters strike faster and chronic stresses last even longer.

With an initial commitment of $150 million from the Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, and Sida the Global Resilience Partnership is building systemic approaches to addressing climate and population change.

  • Together we will
  • Identify critical capacity gaps
  • Catalyze alliances across all sectors
  • Enable regional and global learning
  • Advance data-driven analytics and measurements
  • Design flexible financial mechanisms, such as micro-finance and risk insurance

We will strive to improve resilience at multiple scales: from families to communities, countries to regions.


Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, and Sida are the global partners, collectively investing $150 million to increase global resilience and mobilize regional collaborations.


Each regional partner supports collaboration between diverse local actors. Partner engagement is currently underway, with potential new partners to soon be announced.


Resilience Partnership will motivate local and regional institutions, the private sector, development agencies, humanitarian organizations -- all of whom have vastly diverse strengths at their disposal.

Our work will focus on three regions in Africa and Asia with high resilience needs.

Our Approach

The Global Resilience Partnership develops programs that help surface innovation and long-term collaboration amongst the region-wide ecosystem of diverse local actors. The programs follow a general pattern that is meant to be replicated:

Diagnose Problems

Key institutions and stakeholders lead ongoing investigations of problem identification, using data and predictive methods.

Motivate Collaboration

Mobilize support to address priority problems and work across sectors and silos.

Develop Solutions

Resilience Partnership will channel resources to incubate, accelerate, and scale effective solutions.

Learn and Share

Develop networks and systems to amplify resilience solutions beyond the Resilience Partnership, sustaining change in policy and practice.

Global Resilience Challenge

An essential feature of the Resilience Partnership is a multi-phase resilience design challenge, focused on bringing together people and organizations from across sectors to collaborate on bold and innovative solutions to the toughest resilience challenges in the three focus regions: the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, and South and Southeast Asia. Multi-sectoral teams will collectively research and diagnose problems, and develop locally driven, high-impact solutions that can build resilience at scale.

  • Global Resilience Challenge Update
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the Global Resilience Challenge. The first round of the Challenge closed on November 30, and nearly 500 applications were submitted – a testament to the great interest in and need for building resilience in the Resilience Partnership’s focus regions of the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. Teams will be informed by February 6, 2015 if they have been selected to move to Stage Two and develop Problem Statements.
  • Please continue to visit this Global Resilience Partnership portal for updated information closer to those dates.
  • Questions about the Challenge? Please contact us.

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